Mental Health Minutes

Our Professional Counselors Help Families Through the Crisis

How BFC is reaching out to parents in the community to help them cope.

How to Explain the Coronavirus to toddlers so they understand.

How to develop your own "toolkit" to get through challenging times.

Special pressures that teens are facing and how to address their concerns.

The special challenges of seniors, how BFC is reaching out and how you can too.

How to spot anxiety and depression in teens.  The warning signs.

BFC's unique ability to meet the mental health challenges of our community.

Why its important to listen to teens. Here's how you can take the first steps.

Explaining isolation to toddlers>
Why can't I see my friends?

Spotting anxiety. The warning signs in toddlers and what to do about it.

Why dealing with the Coronavirus is like flying in a plane. Hint: you come first!

Dealing with bored teens during the Corona quarantine and isolation.

Seniors! Set goals, get physical. Got the Blues? Bake a cake.

The Silver Lining - Connecting with kids in quarantine.

Teens - Set a schedule, stick to it! The most important step parents can take.