A Legacy of Caring

Bergen Family Center is Bergen County's oldest family service agency. From its founding in 1898 as an organization of boys' clubs, Bergen Family Center has developed into the county's oldest continuously operating family service agency.
Early Bergen Family Center
One of the earliest buildings to house
Bergen Family Center

The Woman's Club of Englewood, which started the boys organization, added a day nursery in 1900 which launched a total family-supportive mission.

For the next several decades the agency operated under a number of different names and in varied locations, becoming the Social Service Federation in the 1920s.

A Commitment to Families

The 1950s saw a spinoff of the clinical counseling and family advocacy departments into a separate entity, the Family Service of Bergen County headquartered in Hackensack.
Early Bergen Family Center
Bergen Family Center - a continued commitment to the diverse needs of our community.
In 1997 the two organizations reunited and five years later took the name of Bergen Family Center, better reflecting our commitment to the diverse needs of our county's families.

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