Children's Services
Our Long standing commitment to the development of our local youth through an array of educational and recreational programs designed to both nurture children and strengthen parenting skills ensures the next generation will be well-equipped to deal with the challenges of tomorrow.
  • Leonard Johnson Day Nursery
    Our staff believes that children flourish in educationally-stimulating and loving community-based environments. We are happy to note that more than 100 youngsters and 150 parents and guardians were helped in 2015. Our program not only meets parents' needs for affordable child care, but the children's needs are fully met as they receive nurturing in all developmental domains in a secure, child-centered environment. 

    Children learn to build both fine and gross motor skills, receive nutritional meals and snacks, and participate in hygiene routines that adequately tend to their needs. Developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive toys, learning tools, and equipment are all available here at Bergen Family Center. 

    The Leonard Johnson Day Nursery is accredited by NECPA (National Early Childhood Program Accreditation).

    For further information and to find out how to enroll, call 201.568.0817 and contact:
      -Natalia Valencia x115
      -Rachele Ventrone x 137
      -Alana Alleyne x 113

  • Bergen Family Center After School Program
    Ty Thompson 201-568-0817

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